let's get totally, totally fucked
And she gave away the secrets of her past and said, "I've lost control again." An Effy Stonem blog run by a mentally unstable girl with a fire for every experience.

♡skins blog♡

♡skins blog♡

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I wish you would post more :((

I’ve gotten a few of these messages and I feel like I should probably explain where I’ve been/why I’m not posting so often.

I’m currently a pre-pharm major and this takes up about 90% of my time. I’m getting into grad school currently which is very tough because I have to intern/do an interview/ace every single class. I also have a boyfriend that I’ve been seeing for almost a year so he keeps me busy and makes me happy.

I’ve changed a lot I guess. I love making edits still and I promise that I will take more time to do so. :)

Nobody breaks my  h e a r t.

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"We’ve gotta stand up, say our names and a unique fact about ourselves."

get to know meme: favorite female characters [1/5]
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